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We're built by Bright

Dash has been built by Bright with over 20 years experience in the industry.

We're a small (but mighty) team based all over the UK. And we're all working towards one goal: making Dash, our digital asset management (DAM) tool, the best it can possibly be for our customers.

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"Things can be so much better than this!" ✊

That’s how all great product origin stories start. Ours is no different.

We set out to build a new kind of DAM. One that was affordable, effortless, and easy-to-use. Built for growing brands by a growing brand (that's us 😇).

You don’t have to be an organisational whizz, or hire someone to manage your content library in Dash. Just bring your assets and get going. And when you need support, we’re one click or call away.

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The Bright culture 💞

Dash has been built by Bright using over 20 years of experience in the industry. We're based in the (not always) sunny, sea-side city of Brighton, UK, but also have employees based around Europe.

We care about our staff, have won Great Place to Work awards and are an accredited Living Wage Employer. Find out more about our culture on the Bright site.

We're committed to being an ethical business. We don't work with industries whose values aren't compatible with ours - like arms manufacturing - and we offset any emissions we generate as part of our work. Read more in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

How we work 💻

Whether we're office-based or remote, we work best as a team. Everyone has different experiences and backgrounds - and bringing all of that together is how we make Dash the best product it can be.

That's why we work in cross-functional teams. From developers to customer success managers, marketers to UX designers, we work together to make Dash a success.

Two of our core Bright principles are lean thinking and agile working. It's how we deliver features fast, improve on what's working, and get rid of what's not.

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Photos of the Dash team