Our values 💖

Dash is made up of a team of kind, diverse and creative individuals. We work together as a team to make Dash a success and do what we can to leave the world a better place.

How we work 🤝

Here’s the Dash principles we work by:

  • Kindness: We value and support team members and customers for the people they are. We treat each other with empathy, fairness and understanding.
  • Equity: Opportunities and privileges in life are different from person to person. We want to remove barriers of access that people from disadvantaged, marginalised and/or protected demographics face.
  • Advocacy: We have opinions and causes we believe in as a team and we actively advocate for them. We put our money where our mouth is.
  • Ambition: We’re a small business going up against industry heavyweights. By our nature, we’re agile and determined to make the work we’re doing count.
  • Unity: We work best when we’re working together. We make decisions as a team and with transparency. You won’t find anyone sitting in an Ivory Tower.
  • Pragmatism: We balance ambition and positivity with realism when setting our goals. We set targets and undertake work that, whilst stretching, we know we can realistically achieve.

The values we care about ✊

We advocate for the causes we believe in and want to make a positive contribution to the world. These are the causes the Dash team cares about:

  • Diversity: We want to remove barriers for underrepresented groups, building a diverse team which represents different lived experiences. We advocate for and welcome disabled people and those from all ethnicities, sexualities, backgrounds, gender identities, and religions.
  • Climate action: Dash was born in Brighton, a city with stunning countryside and ocean on our doorstep, and well known for its green and progressive politics. We care deeply about the environment, biodiversity, conservation, renewable technology and urgent action to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis.
  • Wealth equality: The divide between rich and poor is increasing. We believe in the principles of fairness and community, and want to do what we can to reduce wealth inequality, both in the UK and abroad.
  • Humanitarian aid: We do our small part in trying to alleviate the suffering experienced by people around the world dealing with the consequences of war, displacement and other crises.
  • Local communities: Everyone has a right to feel proud of and care for the communities they live in. We want to support causes and charities that help improve the local communities our employees are a part of, wherever they are in the world.
  • Quality of life: All humans should be treated equally, with access to basic human rights such as clean water, food, shelter, medical care, freedom of expression. We believe everyone is entitled to a happy, fulfilling life.

What we're doing 🌎

These aren't empty words. Here's what we’re doing to further the causes we support. 

We recognise we have a lot of work still to do in certain areas, and will have more to share on our progress soon.

  • Climate action: We offset all the emissions we generate, donate all shop proceeds to Surfers Against Sewage, and refuse to work with companies that are major contributors to (or active deniers of) climate change.
  • Humanitarian aid: We regularly support humanitarian efforts, with recent donations going to Medical Aid for Palestinians and British-Ukrainian Aid.
  • Diversity: We refuse to work with organisations that promote hate speech and recently donated to Galop, a charity that supports LGBT+ victims of abuse. We have a flexible bank holiday policy, where employees can swap UK public holidays for other cultural and / or religious events they might celebrate.
  • Quality of life: We’re a certified Living Wage employee and pay our interns. We also offer flexible and hybrid working, meaning our team can work in a way that best suits them.

💡 Want to find out more? Read our full social and environmental responsibility policy.