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For start-ups and sole traders


or save 10% by paying annually


£854 per year

250 downloads/mo
10 GB storage
Extra storage £25/mo for each 10 GB bundle

Small team

To get your team on the same page


or save 10% by paying annually


£1934 per year

500 downloads/mo
50 GB storage
Extra storage £24/mo for each 10 GB bundle

Growing brand

For growing brands with multiple teams


or save 10% by paying annually


£3230 per year

1,000 downloads/mo
100 GB storage
Extra storage £15/mo for each 10 GB bundle

Established brand

For established brands with lots of visuals


or save 10% by paying annually


£4850 per year

Unlimited downloads/mo
200 GB storage
Extra storage £5/mo for each 50 GB bundle

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250 downloads/mo
10 GB storage
Extra storage £25/mo for each 10 GB bundle

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G2 Best Est. ROI, Small Business - Summer 2022
G2 Best Est. ROI - Winter 2022
G2 Easiest To Do Business With, Small Business - Winter 2023
G2 Best Relationship - Spring 2023
G2 Best Est. ROI, Mid-Market - Spring 2023
G2 Easiest Setup, Small Business - Spring 2023
G2 Most Implementable - Spring 2023
G2 Easiest To Use, Small Business - Spring 2023
Ecommerce Manager

Such a timesaver!

Being able to resize photos before downloading as well as uploading photos directly to Shopify saves us a tonne of time. Super easy to set-up and use, and the Shopify integration is great!
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Ecommerce Manager

Great platform to keep brand assets organized

"I love the fact that by using Dash, we can keep our organization's visual assets organized and easy to find. We use platform on a daily basis as we have multiple product launches and campaigns happening frequently."
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Marketing Specialist

Great for sharing assets

"Dash makes it easy to store assets and share them with different teams and departments. The features like pre-sized social media downloads make the process of getting our creative assets to the public much easier and simpler."
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Graphic Designer

An in-house Getty Images

"Storing photos in typical file folders on a server is much more tedious and can take up enormous amounts of server space. Dash makes it very easy to store and file properly!"
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Content Manager

An invaluable tool

Before Dash, we organised our original assets on a server using a traditional file system. That's fine up to a point, but as we generated more and more assets, it became unmanageable and incredibly difficult to find anything
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Marketing Manager

Saving hours of photo searching!

"The speed at which we can see the photos is so beneficial. With other products, the clunkiness around speed, and viewing photos always hindered the experience, but using Dash has become a delightful and quick process in the day."
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Your questions, answered 🤓

What counts as a download?

Every time you get an asset out of Dash, we class that as a download. That's hitting the download button straight from Dash, but also downloading images from Dash using integrations (like Canva or Hootsuite) and using embedded links. However, we don't count individual views of assets through embedded links as a download. If you have any questions on this, just get in touch and we'd be happy to help.
Find our more information here.

What happens if I go over my storage allowance?

We won't stop you from uploading content if you're about to go over your agreed storage capacity. Your subscription will increase automatically to allow for this. You can always reduce it back down by deleting content you don't need and letting us know.

What happens if I go over my monthly download allowance?

Dash won't prevent you from going over your agreed monthly downloads. If this happens, we'll be in touch to see if you want to change the monthly downloads you agreed. If your usage exceeds this for another month, we'll automatically increase it. You can get in touch with us at any time to reduce it.

Can I get a proposal document?

You can sign up for Dash yourself within the app. But if you'd rather a proposal document to sign, that's fine too - get in touch with using our chat widget.

Will I need training?

Dash has been designed to be really intuitive, so intensive training is rarely needed. You can take a quick course in the Dash Academy to learn at your own pace. Packed with videos, tips and examples, the academy helps even Dash experts learn something new!

Will my Dash be backed up?

Every image or video you upload to Dash is automatically backed-up to a different Amazon Web Server region within the EU. All backups are encrypted in transit and at rest.

What's included in my storage allowance?

Only the number of live assets in your Dash count towards your storage allowance. That means different versions of an asset, assets you've deleted, or assets waiting for approval don't count towards your subscription allowance.
Find out more here.

What if I need more than 1TB storage?

If you want more than 1TB storage, then you're entitled to special discounts. Once you go over 1TB, you can buy extra storage at a 50% discounted rate - so it'll cost you £2.50 or $3.25 per 50GB.

Will you help me move my brand's visual content?

Absolutely! And we'll do it for free. We can move your images and videos  from providers like Google Drive to their new home in your Dash - and can even keep your file structure intact. Get in touch if you'd like more information.

How long are your contracts?

We won't tie you into lengthy contracts. If you decide Dash isn't the right fit for you, then you'd only need to give us 30 days notice from your next billing date.

Can I get a non-profit discount?

We're happy to grant 10% off for charities and not-for-profits. Get in touch with us during your trial if this is something you'd be interested in.

How secure are my assets on Dash?

We're a tech company first and foremost, so we take security very seriously. From encryption to ISO 27001 certification, there are lots of ways Dash keeps your data safe.
Find out more.

What onboarding and support do I get?

No matter which pricing plan you pick, you'll get free onboarding support including a welcome call with our specialists to help you get set-up.
After onboarding, our customer success team will be on-hand to provide quick, speedy support whenever you need it.

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