The DAM comparison worksheet

Looking for a new DAM but feeling overwhelmed with choices? We don't blame you—there are 250+ vendors to choose from. This comparison sheet will help you whittle down your choices.

Whittle down your choices and pick the right digital asset management tool for your brand.

Lost in a sea of Canto and Filecamp? Can't tell Bynder from Brandfolder? Want to see how Dash (that's us) stacks up against them, but don't know how to start?Look no further. 👀 With this ready-made worksheet, you can build your own shortlist of digital asset management (DAM) software and compare them side-by-side.In this worksheet, you'll find:

  • A template for building your DAM shortlist
  • Sent to you as an editable Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet (your choice!)
  • All of Dash's information already filled in for you

Bonus: A glossary of DAM terms, in case our competitor's jargon gets confusing 😉

We've done (most of) the hard work for you. All you'll need to do is edit the sheet so you're comparing the things that are the most important to you. Whether it's the price of your DAM or the quality of customer service, you can lay everything out on the table, ready for you to make the perfect purchase.

Oh, and we've already filled out the Dash column for you. ✨

Keep scrolling for a guide on picking a DAM vendor. 👇

Your guide to picking digital asset management software

If you need extra help picking a digital asset management tool, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this guide that’ll show you what to look for when comparing vendors. We’ll also cover how to get buy-in from your team and how Dash stacks up against its competitors. ✨

What to look for when comparing DAM vendors

There’s over 250 different DAM vendors to choose from according to G2. For the uninitiated, this is a software review site that rates providers based on customer reviews. So it’s a pretty good resource to use when searching for a DAM.

But when you’ve got 250 DAMs to trawl through, how on earth are you meant to vet them all and make a decision?  😩. Instead of wading through an endless list of software solutions, you can shortlist vendors based on some of the following:

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