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The Dash team's top songs from Spotify Wrapped 2023

Barney Cox
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Barney Cox
December 5, 2023

Music. Brings the people. Together. Yeah. 🎶

It's that time of year again where you can't move for people sharing their Spotify Wrapped. The Dash team are never one to miss out on the fun, so here's each team members' top song (and why it meant something to them). Listen to all 15 songs in the playlist below!

Katya, Product Support Specialist

'Three Drums' by Four Tet

"I became a bit obsessed with this after seeing him play it live in May with loads of coloured immersive lights. ✨ Just very dreamy and lovely!"


Zé, Senior JavaScript Developer

'Mamezala' by Mafikizolo

"This song is in Zulu. I find it both energising and relaxing, and generally I love to travel the world through music."


Kev, Technical Architect

'$20' by boygenius

"There's great harmonies and overlapping vocals, over choppy guitar riffs. Super stuff from a supergroup!"


Barney, Marketing Lead

'Borrow Trouble' by Feist

"Her Multitudes album has meant an awful lot to me this year. I also saw her in live in Sep and it was genuinely one of the best gigs I have ever been to! 'Borrow Trouble' is one of my favourites. The strings and the drums and the lyrics - just *chef's kiss*: “Making wrong what was all right”, relatable."


Emily, Customer Acquisition Team Lead

'Could You Help Me' by Lucy Rose

"This song just scratches an itch in my brain!! Something about the snare and piano just does it for me."


Angus, Head of Dash

'Yoshi Orange' by Ebi Soda

"This is from a local Brighton jazz band that we discovered at the Great Escape. (Although my actual top song was 'Dream House' by Deafhaven - got to see them perform the album Sunbather in full at ArcTanGent this year! It probably doesn't have the most mass appeal though... 😅)"


Lea, Sales and Onboarding Manager

'Lavender Haze' by Taylor Swift

"Yes, I know I'm basic 😂 [Editor's note: There's no shame in liking Taylor Swift, she's an ICON]. Midnights is probably one of my fave albums she's ever done. I grew up always listening to her music and its SO catchy!"


Amy, SEO and Content Manager

'Mona Lisa' by Dominic Fike

"I really love the lyrics in this song and it just reminds me of the summer. Plus it was in the new Spiderverse film which I haven't seen but... we can pretend I have! 🕷️"


Jon, Software Engineer

'The Four Seasons: Spring 1', recomposed by Max Richter

"It's like a favourite feel-good film: this track flips my mood to positive and leaves me smiling!"


Rich, Information Security Manager

'Love Survive' by Michael Nau

"We played this so much in the car this summer as it's one of the few, but now growing number of, songs inhabiting the island where mine and my two kids' music tastes intersect ... that isn't 'any song by Little Simz'!"


Charlie, Customer Success Lead

'Lightchaser' by Cinnamon Chasers

"Not quite my most-listened because my drumming has messed that up, so I'm going with 'Lightchaser' by Cinnamon Chasers. This sort of music is a guaranteed pick-me-up, just feels uplifting and the lack of vocals leaves room to get a bit more lost in the music."


Dan, Junior Software Developer

'Adam, Check Please' by Owl City

"I love it because it's motivational and just a great bop!"


Ben, UX Lead

'Leave Me Like This' by Skrillex

"It’s a total banger. Good for listening to at the gym, or if you want to wake up a bit while working."


Sara, Demand Generation Manager

'Mr. Forgettable' by David Kushner

"I don't know why this song is my Wrapped number 1. I think it comes on shuffle a lot and my hands-free switching is broken in the car. It's kinda forgettable like the name." [Editor's note: Typical Sara tbh]


Al, Sales and Onboarding Manager

'Tell Me Something Good' by Ewan McVicar

"It's an excellent running track but also gets everybody nodding there heads, wiggling their hips and having a good old boogie."

Barney Cox

Barney is the Marketing Lead for Dash. He writes about small business marketing strategies and how DTC brands can boost sales.

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