Dash wins best ROI for small and medium brands

Barney Cox
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Barney Cox
July 26, 2022

Dash is built for growing brands. It's for marketers and creatives working in small or medium businesses. They're stuck between managing a creaking Google Drive full of content and paying eye-watering prices from big name DAM vendors for complex features they'll never use.

So it's especially satisfying to see how well Dash has done in G2's latest Summer 2022 reports, especially in the small business and mid market categories! Our customers have voted us a whole load of new awards - here’s a quick rundown of all the awards we've received.

The best ROI for small and medium brands

Our affordable pricing and the ease at which you can get up and going means it's far quicker to see the return on investment when you pick Dash. We won the DAM that both small and medium businesses feel delivers the best ROI! Dash won:

  • Best estimated ROI (Small Business)
  • Best estimated ROI (Mid Market)

“Finally, a DAM that fits my needs and budget ... it's simple, easy to use and very affordable for a small business" - Travis, Marketing and Sales Director

Small businesses love working with us

Our customer success team are a lovely bunch. Case in point, I was in the office yesterday and Charlie (Dash's Customer Success Lead) bought in cookies for everyone - what a guy! But it's not just us that thinks so, our customers do too. We won:

  • Best Support (Small Business)
  • Easiest to Do Business With (Small Business)

“One of the absolute best features is how the support team will always get back to you extremely quickly.” - Christian, Content Project Manager

“The support they provide is unmatched.” - Lauren, Content Marketing Manager

"The customer service is unrivalled." - Jonno, Content and Media Manager


Fastest DAM to get started with

DAM is so often synonymous with lengthy onboarding sessions and complex set-ups. But not Dash. We want it to be super easy for customers to get going. Our customers voted us:

  • Easiest Set Up (Small Business)
  • Fastest Implementation (Mid Market)

"Dash was very quick to get started and its performance is really fast too. The learning curve for the fundamentals of Dash is simple and it has been an easy ramp to configure and use." - David, CTO


Growing brands find us the easiest to use

Learning a new piece of software is a challenge at the best of times - but blimey, some SaaS tools do not make it easy on you! We didn't want that to be the case with Dash. We've built it so it makes sense intuitively. We won:

  • Easiest to use (Small Business)
  • Easiest to use (Mid Market)

"The user interface is very simple and easy to understand, and has made its integration into our business incredibly easy and professional to do." - Anna, Content Designer

"We've loved using it! It's simple and easy, and the process is not confusing in any way." - Amber, Social and Content Manager


Dash is now a DAM leader

With that, we've finally broken into the 'leader' category for both general and small business DAM! This is the first time we've done so and we're thrilled about it! It's gratifying for a small business like us to be giving the big (VC-backed) guns a run for their money. We're currently ranking no. 12 - watch this space!


Thank you to our customers 🙏

To every Dash users who left us us a review - thank you! It means a lot and it's one of the highlights of our day seeing a new glowing review come in. If you’re also a Dash customer and fancy helping us out, feel free to leave your honest feedback on G2.

Barney Cox

Barney is the Marketing Lead for Dash. He writes about small business marketing strategies and how DTC brands can boost sales.

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