Dash wins Best Relationship and Most Usable DAM awards

Barney Cox
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Barney Cox
December 14, 2022

The results are in! We're super happy to see Dash do so well in G2's Winter 2023 awards.

For the uninitiated, G2 is a review platform for software. It's like a TripAdvisor for the tools you use at work every day.

We've been giving the industry big guns a run for their money recently, so it's especially satisfying to see Dash pick up 1st place awards across our entire software category for the first time. We've won the award for best customer relationships, as well as the DAM people find most usable. 😇 

Here's a breakdown of all Dash's awards:

Voted the no. 1 easiest-to-use DAM

This quarter, G2 reviewers voted Dash the easiest-to-use digital asset management tool. Not to brag or anything, but that's first place out of the 250+ DAM tools listed on G2.

Needless to say we're pretty pleased with that! Dash's interface and style is designed to be super easy to use and fast to pick up. It's great to say our customers are finding it valuable!  


“[Dash is] easy and straightforward to use. The platform's appearance is more design-led than other DAMs out there, perfect for a design-led business."

- Nichola, Senior Marketing Manager. Read her full review on G2.

The DAM customers have the best relationship with

Out of those 250+ DAM tools on G2, Dash has won the DAM which has the best relationships with its customers. This is another thing we pride ourselves on at Dash. Our customer success team are a great bunch! From taking out a free trial, to onboarding, and then getting the most out of Dash as a customer, our team are on hand to help you.


“Besides a great suite of functionalities, the customer support has been nothing but fantastic even before we became a customer. They're a very helpful team and Dash DAM is boosting efficiency already after just 2 weeks of use.”

- From an anonymous reviewer - read their full G2 review.


Small businesses enjoy working with Dash

It's great to see Dash has again won the award for a DAM small businesses find easiest to work. And for the first time, Dash has been recognised as a DAM leader for small businesses, too!

We get small, growing businesses because we're one ourselves. We don't like that SMEs are often expected to put up with Drive or Dropbox, or pay eye-watering costs to subscribe to enterprise DAMs. With affordable pricing, simple onboarding and responsive support we set out to change that. 😇


"It's a game changer for a small business ...  Before we had Dash, there would be one person responsible for knowing exactly where everything is on the drive. Not anymore! Anyone in our team can use it."

- Abi, Creative Lead. Read her full review on G2.


It's quick to get going with us

Complex systems require complex set-ups. We don't want Dash to be like that, so the team have designed the product - and our onboarding process - to get started as easily as possible. That was recognised in G2's winter 2023 reports, with Dash winning:

  • Easiest setup (Small Business)
  • Fastest implementation (Mid Market)

"The Dash platform is absolutely perfect for my purposes. It's simple, easy to use, and very affordable for a small business. The setup was super quick and streamlined."

- Travis, Marketing Director. Read his full review on G2.


Customers think Dash gives great ROI

We don't hide our pricing, you don't need to book a demo to find out how much Dash costs. And we won't charge you for features you don't use. We've kept Dash's pricing affordable and transparent. That makes it easier for you to make the case to your management, and it also means you see a return on your investment faster.

Don't believe us? Take it from our customers, who voted Dash the DAM which gives the best estimated ROI for mid-market businesses.


"I looked at a few other SaaS DAM solutions and found Dash to be among the top and well-priced ... Getting this level of functionality without a full DAM price-tag and custom development fees was a big win. I believe this will lower our total cost of ownership significantly vs what we'd initially projected."

- David, CTO. Read his full review on G2.

Dash ranked among the world's best DAMs

We broke into the 'leader' category earlier this year, and it's great to see Dash is still holding its own against our VC-backed, enterprise-focused competition. We've got more plans for next year, watch this space!


Thank you to our customers 🙏 We really appreciate you leaving us a review, it means a lot.

(Marketing a product that people genuinely love and enjoy using makes my job a lot easier too, so thanks for that as well 😅).

If you’re a Dash customer and haven't left us a review yet, you can still do so! Leave us your honest feedback on G2, we'd love to hear from you.

Barney Cox

Barney is the Marketing Lead for Dash. He writes about small business marketing strategies and how DTC brands can boost sales.

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