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Martin Wilson
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Martin Wilson
February 17, 2022

Hi, I’m Martin, co-founder of Bright — a SaaS company based in Brighton, UK 👋

I’m also the founder of Dash, Bright’s latest digital asset management (DAM) solution for SMEs and growing teams.

For us, building software solutions isn’t all about the tech. We are as much about the people. After all, what’s the point in software without people? This means we focus on creating the best experience for our customers and rely on their feedback to make the best decisions for our products.

But, I’m jumping ahead of myself. Let me tell you a little bit about our history.

Where it all started

Back in ancient times 2005, we launched our first digital asset management solution, Asset Bank. After years of listening to our customers, and learning from how they used our product, we saw an opportunity to launch a new DAM platform aimed at fast-moving marketing teams used to working with modern, ready-to-use SaaS solutions.

We realised that small teams don’t need overpriced, complicated software (which describes many DAM products on the market). Instead, they need a tool that’s powerful yet simple to set up and use, which can grow effortlessly with their brand — and which has a reasonable price tag.

So we set out to modernise the DAM experience and created Dash.

What is Dash?

Dash is an effortless DAM solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs) and growing brands. It’s for marketers fed up with spending hours hunting around for images and videos on network servers and shared cloud storage. It provides a beautiful, centralised home for all your digital assets — enabling you to organise and tag them, find what you need quickly and share and deploy it with the click of a button.

Make your life easier
It couldn’t be simpler. We want to save you as much time as possible in the management of your digital assets through the use of cutting-edge technologies, automation and world-class user experience design. Dash empowers you to organise, find and deploy everything you need, quickly.

Remove barriers
We don’t think it should be difficult to get started with DAM, nor should it only be accessible to big-budget enterprises.

That’s why we are committed to making Dash as easy to use as possible at a very affordable price.
There’s no lengthy onboarding, no annual lock-in and absolutely no paying for functionality you don’t need. You’ll also be using the same quality software as your enterprise competitors, at a fraction of the price.

Help you feel inspired by your content
We don’t just want you to find the perfect image for your campaigns - we want you to feel excited by them. With Dash’s beautiful and easy-to-use UX you can keep your focus on your visual content - the stuff that matters.

Connect with people
Most importantly, we are committed to staying connected with people — that includes our customers as well as the people who build our software. We have a lovely team at Dash, and every one of us wants to ensure you have the best possible experience with our product. We really do strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Our company culture

We want to ensure the best possible working experience for our people. Working in a close-knit, cross-functional team ensures we stay motivated and continually learn from each other. Unlike some DAM vendors on the market, we’re bootstrapped and have every intention of remaining independent. Our focus will always be on providing the best DAM solution for our customers.

Feel free to find out more about the team and to connect with me on LinkedIn 🙂

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson is co-founder of Asset Bank and Dash. He leads digital asset management solutions by applying lean principles to software development.

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