How Goodrays keep on top of their marketplaces with Dash

Theo Hersey, Graphic Designer at Goodrays

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"Dash is so much more functional than any shared drive for image assets I’ve experienced in the past."

CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) is found in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s used increasingly by brands in their products to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Although a recent newcomer to the DTC scene, its growth has been rapid. The total world-wide revenue for the CBD sector in 2021 is around $550 million!

The UK makes up a large chunk of that and it’s now the world’s second-biggest CBD market. That’s in large part due to leading brands like Goodrays.

Standing out in a competitive market

Goodrays make CBD-infused products for the UK market. They launched during the UK’s first lockdown in 2020 and have grown rapidly, now employing 12 members of staff. They’ve launched new flavours of their canned drinks (blood orange and grapefruit anyone? 😍🍊) and added new product lines - like gummies and oils - to their range.

How’ve they done it? As well as creating delicious products (their drinks won Evening Standard’s Best CBD-infused Drink of 2021), a key part of their success has been their distinct, stylish branding. It’s allowed them to set themselves apart from the competition and attract shoppers in stores and online.

Theo, graphic designer for Goodrays, explains:

“We’ve got really strong branding. Our packaging is great - simple, refined and clean. And we carry that across all our point-of-sale inventory and our marketing. It’s really important for us to keep our brand looking as strong as possible.”

With soothing gradients and a colour palette of sun and skies at golden hour, they’ve captured the essence of ‘chill’.


Building a home for their brand assets on Dash

Goodrays have a sales team on the road, and they’ve been investing more in marketing - which means more people than ever need access to their content. That increases the potential of employees using unapproved assets they found on their Google Drive, which could harm the company’s high-quality branding.

Theo and the rest of the creative team needed to be able to provide an approved, ready-to-use home for all their brand assets. And for that, they turned to Dash.

In Theo’s words:

“Dash is easy. People know that anything in Dash they can use. If someone in the sales team is putting a deck together, all they have to do is go into Dash and it’s all in one place. It’s not a confusing mess of folders. It’s simple and intuitive.”

Having a searchable and easy-to-use library of brand assets isn’t just good for brand integrity. It’s also saved Theo time and cut out repetitive requests.

“It’s not like Google Drive. Dash is so much more functional than any shared drive for image assets I’ve experienced in the past. If we didn’t have Dash, it’d slow me down and increase the repetitive tasks I have to do.”

Using Dash to find brand content, quickly

You can use a mix of folders and custom fields in Dash to find your assets, fast. Goodrays do this well, with a solid folder structure to keep things organised based on what the asset is intended for. For instance:

“We’ve got a folder of images ready for the website. The Shopify theme we use has really specific aspect ratios - so we keep all images for that in one place to find them easily.”

Using custom fields can tie sets of images together, regardless of what folder they’re in. They make images and videos ten-times more findable. We’ll let Theo explain:

“The whole tagging system is great! I’ll upload a picture of one of our oils and add a text tag for ‘oils’ - and then when I search for that in the search bar, all the pics of our oils appear. I don’t have to dredge through 50 different folders!”

Keeping on top of their ecommerce marketplace assets

You can find Goodrays products on different ecommerce marketplaces - like Amazon, eBay and Deliveroo. As any DTC brand will know, each marketplace has specific listing requirements, from product attributes to differing product image ratios.

Theo works on getting their product images and assets ready for each of these online marketplaces.

“A lot of the images for our ecommerce stores look the same to the untrained eye, but actually they’ve got really specific ratio formats. To stop people dragging out the wrong images, we’ve got an ecommerce family of folders. We have subfolders split by store, like Deliveroo, eBay and Amazon.”

Dash helps Goodrays grow

Goodrays have grown quickly in the past years. And they’re not slowing down, with new (currently top secret) products in the works ready to hit the shelves soon.

Those all require assets, from new pack shots to marketing launch graphics, to make them a success. Dash helps Theo and the team simplify all of that.

In Theo’s words:

“Dash makes everyone’s life easier. It’s such an easy, logical way to store your assets. It’s way more user-friendly than any shared drive, and there’s so much more functionality to it as well.”

"Dash makes everyone’s life easier."

Theo Hersey

Graphic Designer at Goodrays

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