How Gozney use Dash to shorten their content pipeline

Przemyslaw Marek Przystup, Senior Content Creator, Gozney

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"We've significantly shortened the time we spend uploading and preparing content for use."

Restaurant-quality pizza, made at home

Who doesn’t love pizza? The melting cheese, the tangy tomato sauce, the beautifully crisp and chewy dough. Of the many things Italians have gifted to the world, surely pizza is up there as one of the best and most universal.

Gozney makes it easy to craft top-quality pizza in the comfort of your own home. Not only are their pioneering pizza ovens used in the world’s leading kitchens, they’re also found in gardens, backyards and patios across the globe.

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Connecting with customers through content

Visual content is so important to what Gozney does. Przemyslaw Marek Przystup (Przemek for short) is Gozney’s Senior Content Creator. He explains:

“The core of our business is online sales and in this day and age it’s really important to have visually attractive content which stands out.”

But Gozney’s relationship with their customers doesn’t end once they’ve bought an oven. They want to help customers make the most of their products, and the content Przemek and his team are creating (all in-house, by the way) is a key part of that:

“We take so much care preparing recipe videos, how tos, tutorials and other content. It helps our customers make the most of our product and explore their own skills and improve upon them. It's about helping people use them in their own homes with clear instructions and inspiration for what to cook with them.”

And boy, do they nail that brief. Just check out Gozney’s YouTube channel. It’s full of recipe inspiration like their playlist on Pizza for Beginners and non-pizza-based fare you can use their ovens for - like mouthwatering roasted eggplant with tahini.

Shortening the content pipeline with Dash

Gozney have grown lots in the past few years. That means more teams needing access to the visual content Przemek and other creators and designers are making.

They found their previous DAM system was harder to manage. It was too complex for what Gozney needed - and that complexity slowed them down.

That’s why they switched to Dash. In Przemek’s words:

“Features, like collections, are far more straightforward and easier to manage than they were on our previous system. And Dash is a really nice branded experience.”

The time it takes to get Przemek’s content in the hands of people who need it - like their marketing and ecommerce team - has shortened since using Dash.

“It’s just a matter of creating the content, uploading it to Dash, and either distributing it internally (and most of our teams have their own Dash accounts so they’d have access to it instantly) or adding it to the portals for our external partners. We've significantly shortened the time we spend uploading and preparing the content for use.”

Having everything easy to find on Dash also means Gozney staff don’t have to spend lots of time hunting around for their assets. Gozney use a mix of Dash folders, custom fields and tags to achieve this.

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“We organise everything by product unless it's a recipe video which has its own section on Dash. After we create our folder structure we drag and drop it and add other tags so the content is easily searchable for others in the team. ”

Would Przemek recommend Dash to other companies?

“Yeah definitely, for a brand our size it’s the perfect solution.”

"The best customer service in tech."

Simon Langley

Head of Marketing at Cookson Adventures

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