How Kelly Wynne proves Dash's return on investment

Kaitlyn Katsen , VP of Brand, Demand and Community

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"(Our) monthly Dash investment is much lower than my hourly photo hunting rate, and now I’m able to spend my time running campaigns and planning for the future.”

Promoting confidence through accessories💪

Ecommerce brand Kelly Wynne doesn’t just sell handbags. For 10 years, they’ve been inspiring women to feel confident in everything they do. As Kaitlyn, Kelly Wynne’s VP of Brand, Demand and Community puts it:

“An accessory is something that can make your outfit uniquely yours. It's something that always fits right. Our goal is to inspire women to have more confidence with a wonderful handbag and our brand's commitment to lifting women up.”

Kelly Wynne sells bags that solve life’s problems. From see-through bags required at airport security to waterproof beach pouches— they want women to feel confident no matter where they are.

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Getting this feeling of confidence and empowerment across requires great visuals. Images are particularly important because Kelly Wynne doesn’t have a bricks-and-mortar storefront — they’re totally online. So the website needs to replicate that in-store experience as best as it can. And that means going beyond two-dimensional product shots.

“The biggest thing for us is not just photography, but use-case photography. We can make it look like a really pretty bag, but if it's two-dimensional, and you can't see it in life, it's hard to picture.”
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Wasting money on Google Drive

Kelly Wynne is a small company with three employees. When Kaitlyn joined amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she was tasked with having to do a lot of marketing on a reduced budget.

“When I started, all photos were managed on Google Drive. The previous marketing manager was at every photoshoot — they had been here for five years. They knew where everything was and which photo they liked best and all of that. So I came in and said: ‘Okay, well, from an outside perspective, this is impossible.’"

Kaitlyn would spend hours searching for product shots to match up with the latest campaigns. And that was just for her own projects. They also use agencies to help with ads and email marketing. Searching for the required images became a nightmare.

“I was spending two hours at a time looking for one image. Not the best use of my time with such a small team! I told Kelly, our CEO, that I was basically being paid to find images.”

Kaitlyn needed a solution. But after searching around for a digital asset management (DAM) tool, she realised things weren’t going to be simple as she hoped. A smaller budget meant most DAMs were out of the question.

Until she found Dash. 💡

Proving the ROI of Dash

Kelly Wynne didn’t need the complexities of an expensive DAM system geared towards big brands. Yes, they have thousands of images on file, (that’s just the nature of a high-end lifestyle brand), but that doesn’t mean they could afford, or even needed, the scale of an enterprise DAM that a lot of other providers were offering.

“It was killing me having to reach out to each vendor and sit through a sales call, only to find out that the solution was going to be $10,000+ —just because of the sheer number of assets we have.”

That’s where Dash came into the picture. ✨

Kaitlyn spotted Dash’s pricing on our website. We understand that small brands don’t need to pay for expensive enterprise solutions (we’re a small business ourselves, after all), so we’ve built Dash specifically for the Kelly Wynne’s of the world. This means Kaitlyn and her team can get a DAM with lots of storage and fantastic features, but without the hefty price tag.

“When we’re looking at the bottom line, I always tell Kelly [company founder and Kaitlyn’s boss] that we could be paying Dash X amount, or she could be paying me X amount an hour to search for images in Google. The monthly Dash investment is much lower than my hourly photo hunting rate, and now I’m able to spend my time running campaigns and planning for the future.”

Organising assets using tags

Making sure Dash fits into the team’s current way of working is incredibly important.

“When we were using Google Drive, we organised everything based on product photography - eg. by bag type. We were able to do a similar thing on Dash, but much more effectively.”

When Kaitlyn first set up her Dash, she hopped on a call with Charlie, our Customer Success Lead. She explained how they were organising their files in Google Drive. From here, Charlie suggested how best to organise their assets in Dash, and took her through different features such as custom fields and tags to make searching even easier.

“The biggest thing we use now, in Dash, is being able to search by the name of the product. We added our colours as a tag, which was very helpful because ‘blue’ is not a simple ‘blue’. I’m able to select from different types of blue eg. cobalt blue, egg blue, etc.”
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Being able to update product lines quickly

Kaitlyn also uses Dash’s preset downloads a lot. Kelly Wynne often switches out the banners on their website depending on the season or what handbag line they’re promoting, so having a selection of regularly-used custom download sizes is a big time-saver.

Before, when they were using Google Drive, Kaitlyn would have to find an image in GDrive, download it, upload it to Canva, crop it, redownload it and then upload it into Shopify.

With Dash, these time-consuming processes are no more. 🙌

Whenever Kaitlyn goes to download an image, she can select from a series of crop sizes that have already been set up.

“If you're looking at our website, and it's the cold of winter, you don't want to see people next to a swimming pool. Dash has enabled us to change banners quickly and keep things fresh and seasonal.”
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Check out Amy's blog post to find out more about the ROI of DAM. Or, if you'd like to understand specifically how Dash gives you a great ROI, download our free pitch deck. ✨

"(With Dash), I’m able to spend my time running campaigns and planning for the future.”

Kaitlyn Katsen

VP of Brand, Demand and Community at Kelly Wynne

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