How Orca improve their marketing efforts with Dash

Itziar Castro, Ecommerce Marketer at Orca

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"I'd recommend Dash to other brands because they'd improve the way they're working for sure."

Rolling waves, swells breaking against the shore, athletes swimming through blue ocean waters ...

There’s no denying it, the assets wetsuit brand Orca create are powerful, evocative and inspiring. They speak to the company’s deep connection to the ocean, which is at the heart of its values.

Orca is a wetsuit brand, used by athletes and divers around the globe. Their main office is in Spain, just outside of Bilbao. They employ over 50 staff worldwide and manage a network of content producers and third-party retailers.


Google Drive was holding Orca back

Like many value-driven brands, Orca’s images and videos have to work twice as hard. Not only should they showcase their products in the best light, they need to speak to what the company stands for. In short, the assets Orca create are far too beautiful to languish semi-submerged in a shared drive.

Orca were using Google Drive to organise and share their creative assets. Even though they’d put a considered folder structure in place, they were finding it hard to quickly locate the images and videos they needed.

That's something Itziar Castro, who works in marketing and ecommerce at Orca, was determined to change. She wanted a way to save time and allow their many retail partners to find the assets they need, rather than request files from her team. Less time tracking down images for others means more time focusing on what really matters – selling their high-quality wetsuits.

"We were using Google Drive before we found Dash and it wasn't working. We wanted a solution to share our assets with the different partners, dealers and other teammates around the world. Our goal was to have a proper place to keep all these assets, and also to reduce the amount of emails we get with repetitive requests."

Settling on Dash

Moving Orca’s creative assets from their old Google Drive onto their new home went smoothly: the Dash team helped get them set up and import the image tags from their shared drive which they wanted to use in Dash.

Sometimes getting used to a new product can make you feel like a fish out of water, so we asked Itziar Castro (Marketing at Orca) how the onboarding process went:

“It was really easy! We invited lots of our dealers, media, and the team worldwide – everyone found it useful, helpful, and we didn’t have any issues at all.”

Itziar said she live-chatted the Customer Success team to sort out an issue she had when uploading some items and, in her words, “they were nice and responsive, and it was a great customer experience.”


As you can see from Orca's Dash above, their visual content is all in one place - with searchable tags which make it easier to find.

"The time it takes to search for photos has decreased dramatically since implementing Dash"

Three months down the line and with over a hundred active users now logging into their account, Orca have taken to Dash like a duck to water (editor’s note: please excuse the continued H20 puns).

We asked Itziar whether she feels Orca have achieved what they set out to do when picking Dash.

“Yes definitely! Dash helped us improve our workflow and to be more efficient in our day to day. Both were our main goals ... I’d recommend Dash to other brands because they’d improve the way they’re working for sure."

"The time it takes to search for photos has decreased dramatically!"

Itziar Castro

Ecommerce Marketer at Orca

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