Dash wins G2's Best Relationship awards

Barney Cox
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Barney Cox
March 31, 2023

Great news! G2's Spring 2023 reports have just released and we won some great awards - including the DAM that's easiest to implement!

What's G2? It's a review platform for business software. Marketers, operations folk, designers and creative teams use G2 to whittle down which software vendors they want to go with .

Even though we're a small business, we're continuing to give the industry big guns (like Bynder, Brandfolder and Canto) a run for their money. It's especially gratifying to beat these sector heavyweights and win 1st place awards across our entire software category. 💪

The DAM that's easiest to implement

Feeling depressed after a call with an enterprise DAM where they explained their month-long onboarding process? When you're an ambitious company, you just want to get up and going with your DAM as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And you can do that with Dash. Out of our 270+ competitors on G2, we won the award for the DAM that's easiest to implement.

We also won awards in the small business category for Dash's ease of use and set-up!

That's down to two things.

Firstly, Dash is meant to be intuitive and easy to use. It's designed in such a way that you won't need training sessions.

And secondly, our onboarding team are on hand to get you going quickly. They'll also move your assets into Dash for free! Here's more on our onboarding process. 📦


“As well as an exceptional customer service team – super quick contact time and always very helpful if we find we have any problems - the user interface is very simple and easy to understand, and has made its integration into our business incredibly easy and professional to do."

- Anna, Content Designer at Cookson Adventures. Read her full review on G2.

The no. 1 DAM for customer relationships

From quick response times to regular check-ins, we pride ourself on the service we deliver to our customers. It's really satisfying to see us awarded the top DAM for the best customer relationships! 🥰


“Working with a new system can be hard but the customer service team at Dash have been so helpful getting things how we want it ... It's great customer service in a high-tech industry: you can't ask for better than that. Some of the bigger companies we work with can learn a lot from the team at Dash.”

- Dave, marketing consultant. Read his full review on G2.

The DAM that provides the best ROI

You can get started with Dash for as a little as £79 / $109 a month. When you're not spending thousands on a monthly subscription, it's much easier to prove your return on investment.

That's what our customers are finding, at least! They've voted Dash the DAM which gives the best estimated ROI for mid-market businesses for the second quarter running.


"Finally, a DAM solution that fits my needs and budget ... The Dash platform is absolutely perfect for my purposes. It's simple, easy to use, and very affordable for a small business. I also appreciate that the setup was super quick and streamlined."

- Travis, Sales and Marketing Director. Read his full review on G2.

Dash ranked a digital asset management 'leader'

We're really proud to see Dash is now classes as a DAM leader across different categories. And for the first time, we're categorised as a leader for both small and mid-market businesses!


Thank you to our customers 🙏 - your feedback means the world!

Barney Cox

Barney is the Marketing Lead for Dash. He writes about small business marketing strategies and how DTC brands can boost sales.

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