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Emily Lamb
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Emily Lamb
September 11, 2023

If you’re working with retail partners, no doubt you spend hours getting your product images, brand assets and videos ready to send to them. 

Not only have you got to find the assets—which are probably buried inside a Google Drive or Dropbox folder—but you’ve got to remember which retailer sells which product. And you’ve got to make sure you’re only sending them assets that have been approved by your team. 

Honestly, it’s a nightmare.

But, imagine if your retailers could access all the approved assets they need from one central location. You wouldn’t have to scurry around looking for visuals ever again… 

Luckily, that’s what Dash’s Portals are for. ✨

Dash is your go-to tool for giving your retail partners, wholesalers, and distributors instant access to your product visuals. With a customised branded portal in Dash, you make it super easy for them to find exactly what they need to sell your products.

Check out this short demo to see how easy it is to set up a portal. Or scoot down this article if you prefer reading. 🤓

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How to create a portal in Dash

You can have unlimited portals in Dash, so each partner can have their own personalised area to access your content.

To create a portal go to admin > portals. 

Set up a portal in the admin settings

When you set up a new portal, you’ll be asked to give it a name. In this example, we’re setting up a portal from Planto’s Dash (this is a houseplant brand we created for demo purposes). We’ll name this portal after our partner, Miller’s Garden Centre.

Give your portal a name

Next, pick which folders from your account you’d like to give your partners access to. These are live links, so whenever you update an image or add a new asset to this folder, it’ll automatically update your portal. 

Give retailers access to your folders

You can also add a welcome message to make your partners feel like VIPs. 😎

Add a welcome message to your portals

And you can choose to set a passcode or keep your portal public. 

What can retailers do with Dash portals?

When retailers visit your portal, they’ll get a beautifully branded portal that’s personalised for them.

create a reseller portal in Dash

 Your partners can also: 

  • Search for images and videos using keywords 
  • Browse folders they have access to
  • Use filters to find exactly what they need in just a few clicks 
  • Download assets using your preset sizes 
Resellers can download assets in pre set sizes

You get to be the brand that retailers enjoy working with and you’ll help them sell your products faster too. 🚀

Want to give Dash a go for yourself? You can take out a 14-day free trial with no strings attached. 

Emily Lamb

Emily Lamb is Dash's Product Manager. She's writes articles on how brands can save time and money with digital asset management tools like Dash.

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