How fwip use Dash portals to sell more products

Matt Jakeway, Head of Creative at fwip

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“Implementing Dash was probably the best thing I could have done. After we did that, everything just ramped up.”

fwip is proud to call themselves “The World’s Smallest Gelateria”. They’re the brand behind the iconic Portobello—an innovative, plug-and-play ice cream machine that lets retail, hospitality and leisure venues sell delicious desserts without the hassle.

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fwip launched in the UK over 10 years ago and have now expanded into markets across Europe. But as any growing brand knows, expansion doesn’t come without lots of work. For fwip, these new territories meant that Matt, the Head of Creative, needed to create marketing materials in multiple languages to share assets with global stockists—as well as their printing partners in Poland. The best way to do this was by using our digital asset management tool (DAM), Dash. 🙌

Finding an affordable DAM to help fwip grow

Before Matt joined fwip, the team were using Google Drive to manage and share assets. Whilst Drive is good for general file management, it doesn’t let you organise and share visual content easily.

Luckily Matt had worked with a digital asset management tool in his previous company, so he knew this was the next step for the design and marketing team.

However, this previous tool was Bynder—an expensive DAM system built for enterprise companies. As Matt said:

“It was a great system and would have done the job. It was just too expensive, especially since Bynder charges per user. Dash does the same job but is much better priced. Especially for the size of our company.”

Bynder costs a minimum of $450 a month for its basic package. That’s okay if you’re a massive company with loads of budget, but it’s not feasible for growing teams who need to keep a close eye on their outgoings.

Dash, on the other hand, starts at just £79/$109 per month. You get unlimited users and all our features at no extra cost. It’s perfect for brands who need a tool that they can scale with, like fwip.

Matt says: “I love Dash. We literally use it every day, all the time. It’s just become part of our workflow now.”  

Portals help fwip stockists sell more products

fwip sells Portobello machines to stockists all over Europe. From climbing centres and adventure parks in Germany to cafes and restaurants in Spain, you’re never too far from a fwip  Italian Gelato, Frozen Yoghurt or Vegan Sorbet. Each stockist sells fwip’s delicious desserts to their local consumers.

To succeed in these locations, fwip stockists need printed and digital assets in different languages. These include social media visuals and point-of-sale materials that let consumers know fwip products are available in each location.

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Matt can share everything their stockists need via Dash’s public portals. This sharing feature allows him to select assets and folders and make them publicly available without setting up new users. He can also add a welcome message for stockists who need to get in contact.

fwip customer portals in Dash

Instead of sharing individual assets with lots of different teams around the world, he can simply set up a portal, share a link and update it whenever new assets are ready. Stockists get the same search experience as a full Dash account, and they can download assets in preset sizes (ideal for social media). What they can’t do is edit or delete assets. And they can’t share the portal with anybody else.

Organising assets ready for print  

As well as sharing content with stockists, Matt also needs to get point-of-sale materials and marketing assets over to their printing partners in Poland. That’s things like brochures, flyers, stickers, assembly guides, ice cream packaging and A-boards.

Matt is able to tag whether an asset is for digital or print-only. He can also add print specifications for each item so their partners can see what material, finish and size it needs to be printed on.

add tags and fields to your assets (1)

All of this information can be seen in the printer’s public portal too. As Matt says:

“Dash allows us to save all the final artwork and PDFs in a very organised way. Our colleagues over in Poland can easily take those files and share them with printers.”

Getting product information to those who need it  

Another way fwip shares assets from Dash is by using embeddable links. These links are handy for adding images to your website or signatures to your emails. They’ll automatically update whenever a new version of the asset is uploaded into Dash. For fwip, these links have become an essential part in getting product information to stockists and consumers.

Every Portobello machine comes with a QR code. Say there’s a consumer in Germany who wants to know the ingredients in a dessert—they can simply scan the QR code on their phone and go through to a unique, German-language landing page. Dash will pull the relevant assets from the Germany portal via the embeddable link. This makes it super easy for Matt and his team to send translated assets to individual pages. Plus, if the ingredient or allergen information changes, Matt can upload it in Dash and it’ll automatically update across the relevant landing pages. Keeping all this information up to date isn’t just great for the consumer, but it makes it easier for fwip stockists to sell ice cream. Everybody wins!

Growing into new markets with Dash

With this new way to share assets, Matt can see how much easier it will be to expand into new territories.

“We’re in lots of different countries, we’re getting translations through from all these different languages. Being able to segment them and put them into different places has really revolutionised what we’re doing at fwip. This is really going to help now that we want to focus our attention on spreading further into Europe and beyond. ”

Finally, when we asked Matt to summarise how Dash has helped his team, he said:

“Implementing Dash was probably the best thing I could have done. After we did that, everything just ramped up.”


"I love Dash. We literally use it every day, all the time. It’s just become part of our workflow now.”

Matt Jakeway

Head of Creative at fwip.

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